After a successful visit to Bellevue 28 years ago, Sheila Hargrave purchased property out in the country. It was a big step for her as she was born and raised in Chicago. For many years, she would make trips to Bellevue every weekend and soon fell in love with the area. The scenery was beautiful, and the people were very warm and welcoming. 20 years ago, life threw her a curve ball and she needed to have a fresh start. Moving to Bellevue was the answer.

Sheila moved to Bellevue in September and opened The BookWorm in October of 1998, with no retail experience at all.


Besides books, new and used, The BookWorm offers a little of everything: toys and games, candles, cards and a section of books dedicated to the Mississippi River and Iowa. The newest addition is Dune Jewelry. This jewelry is hand made with sand from the Bellevue beach and shells from the old button factory, but it can also be custom made with dried flower petals, ashes or sand from your favorite location.

Over the years, Sheila says The BookWorm has become a destination, with people from many cities and states coming to experience the unique environment or to buy a specialty product, like the Woodwick candles. She loves that her business attracts tourists and locals alike, and hopes that the business she’s fostered will continue its growth in the future.

Sheila would like people to know that a visit to The BookWorm will almost always result in a greeting from The BookWorm Boston- Brodie. She also loves doing searches for out of a print books and will also do special orders for you, whatever that may be!


110 South Riverview Bellevue, Iowa 52031




EMAIL: [email protected]

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