Heather Moore, owner, has always loved the friendly community of Bellevue. Heather did not grow up in Jackson County but her husband grew up near Maquoketa and attended school at Marquette. Besides Heather’s husband, many of her in-laws live and work in the community of Bellevue. When deciding if the move to Bellevue was a right decision for her expansion of her business Heather knew that the right location would be key. When she got the opportunity to look into the location along the river front and saw the amazing view of the river it just had the right feel for what she was looking for. “I knew the people from Bellevue were looking for someone to open a coffee shop and when this location fell upon me, I knew this was it”. This coffee shop opened in April 2021.


Moore Local is located at 100 N Riverview St, Bellevue and 605 Birch Dr, Maquoketa. At Moore Local you will find not just a large variety of different flavors of coffee but also many other drink options such as Lotus Energy drinks, chai lattes, and hot chocolate. You will also find pastries, cheeses, meats, salad dressings, grill seasoning, popcorn and eggs. Heather and her employees believe in locally owned products and try to partner with other producers within 100 miles of Jackson County for their products. You can visit their Facebook page and view the different items they provide in both the Bellevue and Maquoketa location and also see what others are saying about her products and store (1) Moore Local | Facebook


Heather believes in supporting local companies to collaborate to sell items in their stores and is open to other opportunities that may pop up in the future. She also believes in having an open and honest company where she understands the importance of a line of communication with her customers and always welcomes any and all feedback whether it be a compliment or a suggestion on how to add or improve upon an item. She feels any and all feedback about any drink or service will allow her and her staff to continue to perfect her offerings and provide the customers a great product and great service.


Bellevue Location:

Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm

Saturday: 7am-5pm

Sunday: 8am-3pm

Maquoketa Location:

Monday-Saturday: 7am-6pm

Sunday: 8am-5pm

PHONE NUMBER: 563-221-2298

WEBSITE: New Home 1 | Moore Family Farms (

FACEBOOK: Moore Local